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On this page, you’ll discover an enchanting collection of DIY children clipart featuring kids, their clothing, hairstyles, and more. Everything you need to bring the joy and innocence of childhood to your creative projects can be found right here.

These children clipart sets are designed as versatile children creators, with separate elements for hairstyles, clothing, and bodies. This allows you to personalize and customize portraits to your heart’s content. Let your imagination run wild as you create customized characters tailored to your specific needs.

With these children cliparts, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re designing birthday cards, posters, or gift tags, these sets provide the tools to craft unique and delightful creations. A single set enables you to generate an unlimited number of charming child characters, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles and clothing colors. With just one set, you can create a myriad of captivating products.

For example, you can create personalized mugs with the image of your child or a custom birthday invitation. You can also find sports kits with children, for example ballerinas or gymnast girls, we even have mermaids and children with limited abilities. We have drawn a lot of different clothes for children, made sets with wizards and based on movies and games, so that you can create themed personalized things and stand out coolly from the competition.

In this section you will also find wonderful sets with children and parents, grandparents, Santa Claus, Christmas sets, Halloween sets and much more.

Combine them with other sets and create family portraits. The possibilities are endless!


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