I am often asked for the backgrounds that I use on the main product previews. I decided to make some similar backgrounds and give them to you for free.There are only 15 backgrounds in this collection, but I hope you enjoy them. Download

I recently went through my sketches because I ran out of hard disk space :) I found a lot of unfinished drawings with hairstyles and wondered if I should finish them.. So I decided to put all the hairstyles that I have on 1 sheet, starting with women's. Then I'll do the same with men's and children's :)I took 1

Hello everyone!I'm often asked what kind of clothes and what kits will fit a particular pose. Well, I decided to start my small cycle of posts with examples.First, let's deal with adult women and clothing.I made a picture with all the poses from the collection "Woman Bodies" and just put on top of the clothes from different collections, so now

Hello everyone This is a small note about how to make a collage from the set "Mother with a newborn". Step 1 Creating a document and placing the body Step 2 Placing shorts Step 3 Placing the blouse Step 4 Placing the hand Step 5 Placing the sleeve Step 6 Now that the hand is in place, we can place the baby 2 layers below the current one, i.e. under the layer

Some of my customers have asked me how I create my cliparts. Well, let me tell you a little bit about it. I use several programs: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, SAI, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator. First, I select a few references to understand exactly what it looks like that I want to draw. Then I make a very rough sketch. Just a silhouette


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