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I know it’s very boring, but please take just a little time to read it.

Most products you purchase include a commercial license by default. You can see the license type on the product description page.

Commercial License

The commercial license allows you to use the purchased materials for personal or commercial purposes.

1 the license applies to 1 user only.

Personal use:

Personal Use is defined as using purchased Items in a manner that has no potential monetary benefit.

Personal projects may not be associated with any commercial, non-commercial or other organization.

You can use the purchased goods in an unlimited number of personal projects.

For example, you can:

  • Create a greeting card for a friend
  • Create a poster to decorate your home
  • Use the sublimation design on t-shirt, bag, etc. (for yourself, your friends or your family members) without extracting any benefit.
  • Create stickers for your planner
  • Create a design for your personal blog/website, if you do not make a profit from those resources
  • Create a decor for your child’s birthday
  • Create design posts for your social networks, if you do not use them for business

And much more…

Commercial use:

Anything not related to personal use is considered commercial.

A purchased Item may be used in 1 Project. As an exception, Installable Items may be used in an unlimited number of Projects on a one seat per license basis. A Project is defined as a complete and cohesive undertaking that may result in one or more End Products. (For example, your company “Paper Bees” is your project. You can create an unlimited number of end products and sell them under your company name an unlimited number of times. If you register another company, it will be considered another project and you will have to purchase licensed objects again.) However, all purchased Items may be used in an unlimited number of Personal Use Projects.

End product is a digital design or a physical item that you intend to sell to more than 1 person.

All end products must be significantly different from the original products and require time, effort and skills to produce.

The final products may not be used or sold in a way that competes with the original product that you have purchased.

End products should not include original products in such a way that they can be easily extracted. (i.e. if you purchased .PNG clipart and intend to include it in your .PSD template, you need to rasterize the item and merge it with the background so that your buyers can not easily extract the original .PNG clipart.)

What’s not allowed:

  • You do not use licensed graphics for different projects.
  • You may not resell or distribute purchased products, even for free.
  • You also can’t use designs to earn money on Print-On-Demand sites (that is, you cannot upload the purchased graphics as is or in modified form for publication and sale on third-party services that are not your website, social media page or your page on the marketplace. For example, you can sign a contract with a POD company and print a batch of goods with designs including licensed images for the sale of final physical products on your website, social network page or marketplace. But you can’t publish your product, for example, on zazzle or redbubble and sell it there.)
  • You may not sublicense the purchased items, i.e. you may not buy a set of graphics, modify the design and sell under your license.

Questions And Answers

Q: Do I need to mention the author when using purchased items.
A: No, it’s not necessary, but it’s not forbidden.

Q: Can I register a trademark of a design that I created using purchased elements, such as a logo?
A: No, you may not register trademarks of designs or products created on the basis of or using purchased items, as third parties that have purchased the same product as you may also use these items.

Q: Can I create sublimation design using your graphic and sell?
A: No you can’t create: Cliparts, Digital paper, Backgrounds, Textures, Overlays, SVG, Sublimation Designs, or any other graphics for sale, but you can create final digital products using licensed graphics for personal use, for example: Posters, Prints, Postcards, Covers, etc.

Q: Can I create personalized mugs for sale or personalized gifts?
A: Yes, you can print on mugs, clothing, fabrics, souvenirs, postcards, posters, invitations, stickers, planners, tote bags etc.

Q: Can I sell designs on zazzle or redbubble or Society?
A: No, you can’t create and sell designs on POD sites such as Zazzle, Redbubble, Society, Vistaprint, etc.

Q: I make personalized invitations using Templett. Can I include your cliparts in the template?
A: No, because this is considered a transfer of files to third parties. Your customers can’t access the files and configure them themselves.


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