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Welcome to the inclusive world of clipart for people of all sizes! We believe in creating illustrations that include and celebrate every type of body. Whether you’re thin or curvy, short or tall, our goal is to make sure that everyone can find themselves represented in our clipart sets. We appreciate and celebrate all bodies, and our collection of DIY cliparts includes a special section for plus-size individuals.

In this category, you will find not only plus-size women but also men. We continuously update this collection with additional sets to give you more freedom of choice and combinations.

We understand how important it is to show a variety of body types, so our plus size clipart is carefully designed to represent different shapes and sizes. Our aim is for everyone to feel seen, valued, and beautiful in our illustrations. We want to promote body positivity and inclusivity, making sure that every person can find a character they can connect with.

By featuring plus-size women and men in our clipart collection, we want to empower individuals and boost their self-confidence. Our goal is to inspire people to embrace their bodies and feel proud of who they are, regardless of society’s standards or expectations.


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