Curvy Christmas Woman Clipart

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Well, by popular demand, we have created and are ready to present you our new Curvy Christmas Woman Clipart collection. We have added 4 characters of beautiful women with beautiful curvy shapes in Christmas clothes. You can add a gift to the characters and as shown in the photo or a drink (wine, champagne, juices). These are not just ordinary plus-size girls, these are completely new characters that we created specifically for this and subsequent collections. If you are tired of the usual low-dynamic poses, then this set should appear to you!

Here’s what you’ll find in this amazing Christmas kit:

  1. 296 .PNG files of high quality with transparent background
  2. 5 skin colors
  3. 4 different characters
  4. Clothes in classic Christmas colors (red, green, gold)
  5. Unlimited number of combinations for your creativity

What you can do with Curvy Christmas Woman Clipart:

  • Create unique Christmas cards! Surprise your loved ones or make them to order for your customers.
  • Create stunning posters and wall art
  • Experiment with stickers and other printed materials
  • Create personalized gift packaging
  • Print on mugs, T-shirts, shopping bags, key chains, etc.
  • Create personalized electronic invitations
  • Design your blog or website

The possibilities are endless!

What makes this set even more interesting

  • All files are in PNG format with a transparent background, making them incredibly easy to use.
  • You can mix and match characters to create unique combinations. Create two friends, 3, 4 or more. Combine this set with our other Christmas sets to create a whole family or a large group of friends and acquaintances.

You Will Receive

x1 .zip file includes:

Woman 1 Creator

  • x28 Dresses (.PNG files)
  • x10 Body Parts (.PNG files)
  • x9 High Heels (.PNG files)

Woman 2 Creator

  • x16 Pants (.PNG files)
  • x16 Sweaters (.PNG files)
  • x5 Body Parts (.PNG files)
  • x20 High Heels (.PNG files)

Woman 3 Creator

  • x26 Dresses (.PNG files)
  • x10 Body Parts (.PNG files)
  • x9 High Heels (.PNG files)

Woman 4 Creator

  • x13 Blouses (.PNG files)
  • x19 Skirts (.PNG files)
  • x10 Body Parts (.PNG files)
  • x11 High Heels (.PNG files)


  • x68 Hairstyles (.PNG files)
  • x23 Accessories (.PNG files)

How To Use

Unzip the archive (for example, using a free program and enjoy!


Standart Commercial License Included

Please Note

1. Colors can vary slightly from one computer monitor to another due to monitor color restrictions.
2. No physical products will be shipped, this is a digital files only.
3. A computer is required. I do not guarantee that the product will work on smartphones or any other devices, if this is not explicitly stated in the description.
4. Before purchasing, please make sure that you have the necessary knowledge or software to work with files.

This set will be a great addition to any of our other Christmas collections. You can mix characters and create both large groups of friends and whole families. We hope you will be satisfied with our new Curvy Christmas Woman Clipart collection!


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