Christmas Clipart Bundle

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Christmas Clipart Bundle: Unleash Your Creativity!

Introducing our Christmas bundle – a fantastic collection of 9 different clipart sets that truly capture the magic of the holiday season!

The holiday season brings joy, warmth, and a hint of enchantment. What better way to celebrate than by adding a personal touch to your designs with a bundle of Christmas clipart? This article will introduce you to the mesmerizing world of custom Christmas illustrations that will help you create unforgettable designs.

These collections predominantly feature illustrations of people, showcasing them from the back in charming Christmas attire. With separate files for hair, clothing, shoes, and bodies, the possibilities for crafting custom portraits are endless.

This Bundle Includes:

  1. Happy Parents – Cute set with elderly parents in Christmas clothes.
  2. Christmas Sisters – Funny girls with sparklers in Christmas sweaters
  3. Christmas Sisters (Plus size) – Curvy Christmas besties in warm winter clothes, with a gift in their hand.
  4. Christmas Background Creator – A large set of elements, furniture, decor, walls, floors and decorations. It will allow you to create unique festive interiors that will perfectly complement your portraits.
  5. Christmas Family – A set of family characters sitting on the floor in warm sweaters with patterns.
  6. Christmas Family V2 – Another family set, but this time the family members are dressed with festive pajamas.
  7. Christmas Family V3 – Family set with cute winter sweaters with prints.
  8. Baby and Santa – This small but very interesting set will allow you to create stunning personalized greeting cards with a small child and Santa.
  9. Christmas Babies – A cool set with cute babies in festive costumes. It can be used as an addition to family portraits, or used as an independent set. You can use it to create cool stickers, postcards, cases and much more.

Custom Portraits

The true magic lies in customization. Mix and match elements from different collections to create one-of-a-kind portraits that resonate with your vision. Whether it’s combining hairstyles, outfits, or accessories, the power to craft something unique is in your hands.

Commercial Use

Worried about using these illustrations for commercial purposes? Fear not! These bundles come with a commercial license, granting you the freedom to use them in various commercial endeavors. Imagine designing personalized gifts or offering commissioned portraits – the possibilities are limitless. Standart Commercial License Included! The license applies to every product in this package.

How To Use

Unzip the archive (for example, using a free program and enjoy!

Please Note

1. Colors can vary slightly from one computer monitor to another due to monitor color restrictions.
2. No physical products will be shipped, this is a digital files only.
3. A computer is required. I do not guarantee that the product will work on smartphones or any other devices, if this is not explicitly stated in the description.
4. Before purchasing, please make sure that you have the necessary knowledge or software to work with files.


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