Bride Squad Clipart, Flowing Dress

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A very beautiful and truly magical set with girls with flowing dresses: “Bride Squad Clipart”. With it, you can create from 1 to an unlimited number of girls in beautiful airy outfits. We have added 98 colors for dresses, so you will definitely find something that will satisfy the needs of your customers. This is a universal collection that allows you to create both wedding portraits and use girls in combination with other sets on various topics, such as “date”, “Valentine’s day”, “birthday”, etc. Let’s see what awaits you in this set.

Here’s what you’ll find in this set:

  1. 383 .PNG files of high quality with transparent background
  2. 3 different characters
  3. 5 skin tones
  4. 98 Dress colors
  5. 57 Fancy Hairstyles
  6. Accessories (Bouquets and Champagne)

What you can do with Bride Squad Clipart:

  • Custom Wedding Portraits: Bring your clients’ dreams to life by designing personalized wedding portraits, allowing them to visualize their perfect bridal party with a variety of dress colors, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Event Stationery Design: Craft exquisite invitations, thank you cards, and stationery for weddings, bridal showers, Valentine’s Day celebrations, or birthdays, showcasing elegant and diverse bride squad ensembles.
  • Digital and Print Media: Enhance your digital and print projects by incorporating these versatile clipart elements. Create stunning graphics for social media, posters, banners, and brochures with charming bride squad illustrations.
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Branding: Infuse a touch of grace and sophistication into your merchandise branding efforts. Design apparel, accessories, or lifestyle products featuring the enchanting bride squad, adding allure and appeal to your offerings.
  • Artistic Creations: Unleash your artistic vision by using these clipart elements to craft unique digital illustrations, paintings, or mixed-media art pieces. Express creativity by integrating bride squad characters into your artistic projects.
  • Party and Event Planning: Elevate your event planning endeavors by using these clipart assets to design thematic decorations, favors, and signage for various occasions, from bridal parties to birthdays, creating a cohesive and delightful atmosphere.
  • Educational Resources: Educators can utilize this collection to create engaging visual aids, presentations, or educational materials focusing on wedding traditions, diversity, or fashion design, fostering cultural appreciation and awareness.
  • The Bride Squad Clipart collection offers a rich array of elements, enabling you to explore limitless design possibilities and cater to various creative needs across events, art, fashion, and education.”

The possibilities are endless!

What makes this set even more interesting

  • All files are in PNG format with a transparent background, making them incredibly easy to use.
  • You can mix and match characters. Combine this set with our other sets of illustrations to create unique combinations.

You Will Receive

x1 .zip file includes:

Woman 1 Creator

  • x5 Body Parts
  • x98 Dresses

Woman 2 Creator

  • x5 Body Parts
  • x98 Dresses

Woman 3 Creator

  • x5 Body Parts
  • x98 Dresses


  • x16 Bouquets
  • x57 Hairstyles

How To Use

Unzip the archive (for example, using a free program and enjoy!


Standart Commercial License Included

Please Note

1. Colors can vary slightly from one computer monitor to another due to monitor color restrictions.
2. No physical products will be shipped, this is a digital files only.
3. A computer is required. I do not guarantee that the product will work on smartphones or any other devices, if this is not explicitly stated in the description.
4. Before purchasing, please make sure that you have the necessary knowledge or software to work with files.


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