Baseball Family Clip Art


This versatile set features clipart images of men, women, children, and even infants, all dressed in baseball attire, including pants, shirts, and sleeves. What truly sets this collection apart is the remarkable level of customization it offers. You have the power to select skin tones, hairstyles, and the colors of both shorts and jerseys. The possibilities are virtually endless with this extensive collection, which also includes a commercial license, granting you the freedom to use it for various projects.


The Baseball Family Clip Art is a comprehensive collection of digital clipart images featuring individuals of different ages dressed in baseball-themed attire.

Customize Your Characters

One of the standout features of this collection is the ability to customize every aspect of your characters. From altering their skin tones to selecting hairstyles and adjusting the colors of their shorts and jerseys, you have complete control over the appearance of your clipart.

Mix and Match

With a wide array of options at your fingertips, you can mix and match characters to create unique combinations. Whether you’re crafting a family portrait or forming a baseball dream team, this flexibility opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Create Family Portraits

Capture the essence of family bonds by crafting custom portraits. Whether it’s a mother and son, a father and daughter, or an entire family, you can depict the unique relationships within families using these customizable clipart images.

Baseball Team Branding

Elevate your baseball team’s identity by using these clipart images to design custom portraits and promotional materials.

Personalized Gifts

Searching for a heartfelt and personalized gift idea? Utilize the Baseball Family Clip Art to create custom artwork for your loved ones. From birthday presents to special occasion gifts, your creations will carry sentimental value.

You Will Receive

x1 .zip file includes:

  • x24 Hairstyles (.PNG files)
  • x20 Body Parts (.PNG files)
  • x13 Pants (.PNG files)
  • x48 Sleeves (.PNG files)
  • x17 Socks (.PNG files)
  • x42 T-Shirts (.PNG files)
  • x1 Shoes (.PNG files)
  • x9 Hairstyles (.PNG files)
  • x20 Body Parts (.PNG files)
  • x13 Pants (.PNG files)
  • x42 T-Shirts (.PNG files)
  • x17 Socks (.PNG files)
  • x49 Sleeves (.PNG files)
  • x1 Shoes (.PNG files)
  • x43 Hairstyles (.PNG files)
  • x20 Body Parts (.PNG files)
  • x22 Baseball Bats (.PNG files)
  • x18 Helmets (.PNG files)
  • x13 Pants (.PNG files)
  • x17 Socks (.PNG files)
  • x42 T-shirts (.PNG files)
  • x21 T-shirts (.PNG files)
  • x5 Bodies (.PNG files)
  • x2 Pants (.PNG files)
  • x1 Background (.JPG files)

How To Use

Unzip the archive (for example, using a free program and enjoy!


Standart Commercial License Included

Please Note

1. Colors can vary slightly from one computer monitor to another due to monitor color restrictions.
2. No physical products will be shipped, this is a digital files only.
3. A computer is required. I do not guarantee that the product will work on smartphones or any other devices, if this is not explicitly stated in the description.
4. Before purchasing, please make sure that you have the necessary knowledge or software to work with files.


The Baseball Family Clip Art collection is a treasure trove of creative opportunities. With its extensive customization options, you can bring your ideas to life in a truly unique way. Whether you’re a designer, a sports enthusiast, or someone aiming to infuse a personal touch into your projects, this collection has something for everyone. And with the added bonus of a commercial license, you’re free to explore entrepreneurial endeavors and expand your creative horizons.


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