Hi guys!🙂
I am glad to return to you with good news!
A lot of things have happened over the past 9 months, but I will not list them all, but will only inform you about the current situation.

  1. My store on design bundle is still working.
    It was supposed to be closed after December 9th, but everything is fine and I will continue to publish there.
  2. Now I am on etsy here:
    Yes, yes, this is a store opened jointly with my friend, in fact I was hired as a designer, but all the goods that you will see there are my work.
  3. I’ve been struggling with connecting payment to the site for a long time and so far none of the methods have worked, but it looks like I found something and soon the site will be available for orders again.
  4. In the summer, my hard drive burned down and I lost a small (thank the gods) part of the files. I was able to restore most of them, but some archives are hopelessly lost. So if you still want to download my old collections that you bought earlier, I can help you, but some collections may not be.
  5. After all the troubles and nerves, I had thoughts of growing this case, but I can’t. I really like creating all these collections and seeing how they turn into real things in your hands.
  6. I have changed the terms of the commercial license. The extended license no longer exists. The standard commercial license now has no restrictions on the number of sales of end products. So now you don’t have to worry about your license, everything you buy you can immediately use to create your amazing products.
  7. Due to problems with the hard drive, data loss and blocking of some vpn services in my country (which I paid for and used to access facebook), now it has become really problematic to continue using my page. I was able to restore access so I will visit you there next week. I think I should find a new way to communicate with you quickly, because facebook is no longer that way for me. Perhaps Whatsapp will help? Do you use it?
  8. I bought silhouette, a professional printer and plan to order a laser engraver to do something else, because I felt really uncomfortable after all these problems. So maybe my product line will expand to layouts with laser cutting and silhouette template, I don’t know yet 🙂

I hope I didn’t bore you with my story. By the way, for everyone who left a review anywhere (design bundle or new etsy store) I have a cool set with kids, it’s free🎁. Just write to me on design bundles or etsy.

Thank you for reading to the end!
I am glad that I can continue working

Have a nice day and a great mood!🙂💖
Happy New Year!

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