I recently went through my sketches because I ran out of hard disk space 🙂 I found a lot of unfinished drawings with hairstyles and wondered if I should finish them.. So I decided to put all the hairstyles that I have on 1 sheet, starting with women’s. Then I’ll do the same with men’s and children’s 🙂
I took 1 sample of each style of random color. Each style can be in 20-40 different colors, so I took only 1 color from each style otherwise it will be sooo long picture 😉

Here are all the styles of women’s hair + some of the children’s collections that are suitable for women.

In a separate image I added all the hairstyles that are suitable for African American women

I also divided them into categories by length (long, medium, short, and festive that look short)

I hope you enjoyed my collection 🙂 🙂

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