Burgundy Wedding Clipart

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Welcome to the “Burgundy Wedding Clipart,” a premier collection of bespoke, high-quality DIY illustrations designed to bring your creative visions to life. This exclusive set includes 140 pre-designed illustrations of women, meticulously curated to save you time and enhance your creative projects. Without hair, these figures offer the ultimate customization opportunity, allowing you to choose the perfect hairstyle and color, crafting truly distinctive portraits. Celebrating diversity, our collection features a range of body types, from slim to plus-size, ensuring you’ll discover the perfect match for any bridesmaid dress style, be it chic and short, elegantly form-fitting, luxuriously voluminous, or dazzlingly sparkly. Tailored for creating personalized portraits in rich “Burgundy” tones, this collection ensures a cohesive look for all, except the bride’s dress, promoting a visually stunning ensemble.

Collection Highlights:

  • Plug-and-Play Characters: Pre-designed for your ease, these characters require no assembly. Simply choose a hairstyle to finalize the portrait.
  • Consistent Style and Palette: The uniform Burgundy shade across characters and dresses ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing grouping.
  • Body Diversity: This inclusive set eliminates the need for multiple collections to represent varied body types, offering everything you need in one package.
  • Varied Poses: Featuring popular poses, from arms crossed to affectionate embraces and bouquet holdings, this collection is versatile.
  • Superior Quality and Size: With illustrations in high resolution (300DPI) and large dimensions (approximately 1300x3000px), the set is perfect for a range of print mediums, from small keepsakes to grand posters or apparel. The detailed quality supports use on any background.

Burgundy Wedding Clipart Features:

  • 170 .PNG files of unparalleled quality with a transparent background
  • 28 unique characters
  • 5 Skin Tones
  • A total of 140 Women

Designed for designers, illustrators, and anyone passionate about crafting bespoke artwork, the “Burgundy Wedding Clipart” offers limitless possibilities for creativity.

Unleash Your Creativity with “Burgundy Wedding Clipart”:

  • Custom Posters: Create captivating posters or portraits, ideal for gifting or commercial use. A standard commercial license is included.
  • Unique Printables: Elevate your event with personalized cards and invitations, designing memorable pieces for bridesmaids or wedding guests.
  • Bespoke Souvenirs: Craft lasting memorabilia like mugs, badges, keychains, and more, perfect for unique gifts or for stocking your custom merchandise shop.
  • Digital Designs: The collection is perfect for web design, social media, planner covers, and beyond, limited only by your imagination.
Package Contents:

A .zip file containing:

  • x140 Pre-made Female Figures (Without Hair) in .PNG format
  • x30 Hairstyles in .PNG format
Usage Instructions:
  • Easily unzip the file using a program like and start your creative journey.
Important Notes:
  • Color variations may occur due to different monitor settings.
  • This package includes digital files only; no physical items will be shipped.
  • Designed for use on computers; compatibility with smartphones or other devices is not guaranteed unless specified.
  • Ensure you are equipped with the necessary skills or software to utilize these files before purchase.

Elevate your art with the “Burgundy Wedding Clipart,” where elegance meets customization in every portrait.


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