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Christmas is just around the corner and I wanted to please you with a free comic coloring book that you can make yourself. I didn’t draw clothes separately, because I don’t need to choose its color – it’s a coloring book 🙂 So you can just choose a hairstyle and put it on top of the character. I don’t know who it might be useful to, but maybe it might appeal to those who have children and it would be fun for them 🙂

About Free Christmas Family Clipart

This is a small set of only 56 elements, but you can use it to make a small family.

I have included 8 characters in the set, 12 additional elements and 36 hairstyles.

By the way, sometimes I get messages from some of my customers who are learning to draw in procreate. You get very interesting work and I think this coloring book could be a great exercise for you to learn how to add light and shadows and make things more voluminous, since these characters are already in my store and you can just compare how light and shadow were superimposed.

To practice, just create new layers over the character or hairstyle with different overlay modes, so you won’t go over the contours when drawing and will be able to focus on colors.

Just in case, I also include a standard commercial license, so if you suddenly decide to use it in some way for your business, then no problem, you can safely do it.

Download Free Christmas Family Clipart

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