Hello everyone!
It’s been 2 months since the life of my business has changed dramatically. Many of my subscribers and friends already know what happened and I wrote about it in a previous article, but I still continue to receive questions and I would like to give them an exhaustive answer in this article.

What happened?

Due to the military operation in Ukraine, packages of sanctions from different countries were imposed on Russia. I would not like to discuss political details, because I have never had anything to do with politicians and their games, I just want to indicate the reason for the changes in my work.


My store on etsy, like all other stores of Russian artists, was deleted by the administrators of etsy.

Many people ask me why I closed it or when I will return from vacation.
Friends, unfortunately this is not my decision. My account has been blocked due to sanctions and I cannot influence this situation in any way.


Paypal is an international payment system. Although it had its drawbacks, it allowed me to work with people from all over the world.

Paypal left Russia and blocked the possibility of performing any operations for Russian users.

So unfortunately I can’t connect it to the site. All other alternative payment systems are also unavailable.

Visa & Mastercard

Along with paypal, Visa & Mastercard are one of the most popular international payment systems. Now they are also unavailable for Russia.

Dropbox & Google Drive

For your convenience, I uploaded files to the cloud storages known to you, but after all the locks, there was no way to pay for subscriptions, and the services are now unavailable to me.

I tried a lot of payment options and some of it worked for google drive, but the other day I received an email from google saying that on May 28 my account would be suspended due to sanctions.

So if you have any kits that have not been downloaded, I really ask you to download them right now because after May 28, I will not be able to help you in any way.

Now I can’t upload files there, but I can upload them to the Russian Yandex Disk which works exactly the same. In order for you to check how it works and make sure it’s simple, I’ll leave here for you a trial link to cool sunflowers that you can use in your work.

If the page opens in Russian for you, use the white button, not the yellow one.


Now it’s difficult for me to get on Facebook, as it was recognized as an extremist organization due to the fact that Facebook’s policy allowed calls for violence against Russians from Ukraine. So facebook is blocked in my country and to get to it I use a VPN. For this reason, I now appear on facebook even less often than before, but still I can use it and that’s good

I have written so much bad news, although there are many more, but I would like to say something good, so

Good news

Now I’m on Design bundles and I’m trying to keep working
Here is my store:

I am also on the Russian service boosty. I know that this is a very inconvenient service, because it is not intended for sales, it is a service for paid posts, etc. In any case, I’ll leave it just in case, if design bundles decides to block me someday.

For convenience, I made an album for you with photos on facebook by which you can easily find the right set.

I will also make it on the site a little later.

My website

For 2 months I have been registering again and again, calling, writing and trying various services and either they do not work because of sanctions, or they are very inconvenient and unpopular with most people. Now I have found foreign companies with which I can enable the possibility of payment on the site using Visa and Mastercard, while this function is not available, but it will be available in the near future.

About my work


You may have noticed that recently the quality of my work has grown a little and I would like to do even better for you. That’s why I’ve redone most of my old sets. Many of you have received a whole bunch of free updates over the past year. I was happy to update my old products for you, but unfortunately, due to the fact that I can no longer just update the archive on dropbox or google drive, and leaving the old link, I will no longer do updates. Previously, you could just download a new kit from an old link, now if I want to share an update with you, I have to give everyone a link manually. This is a very long time, and also I no longer have access to your purchases on esty.

Where to find my old works

There won’t be any more of them, I’ve updated most of the collections, and I just deleted the old ones, they will still be available on Google Drive, but after May 28 they won’t be.

Pricing policy

Several people asked me why the prices at different sites are different.
I would like to explain to you how this happens.
For example, the products that you buy on design bundles could cost much less, but the service charges me a 30% commission, as well as a commission when withdrawing funds to the account. Further, the service that I use to receive funds also takes a commission when crediting money to the account and when withdrawing this money from the account to the Russian account. After they arrive at my Russian account, the bank takes a commission from me + I pay business tax. So in fact with $8 I get $3.

If the chain of intermediaries and commissions is longer, then the price is higher and vice versa.

For example, boosty once had much lower prices than design bundles, but since the prices there are in rubles, they change for you depending on the ruble, dollar, euro, etc.

Now the dollar and the euro have become lower against the ruble and they are not as low as they were before, although I have not changed them.

For those who still like this service and buy from it, I advise you to just check the exchange rate for example here:

Currency Converter RUB/USD: Mon, 3 Oct.

About licenses

Since the design bundle has its own license and it differs from mine, I decided to bring them to a single form, so that the licenses on my website will be the same as on the design bundle. This should have been done a long time ago, since the principles of the art market have changed for a long time and I need to comply.

How to contact me

I have spent the last 2 months in complete turmoil, I have missed a lot of letters from you. I am very sorry for this behavior and I would like to reply to all your emails. I’m sorry if your message went unanswered.
As soon as I get the job done, I will be able to respond to you quickly again.

I rarely visit Facebook, so I rarely respond to messages in the group, so now the fastest way to contact me is to write to me on design bundles.

Now I’m trying to reconfigure everything I lost due to the sanctions and work in a new way. It’s taken 2 month already, but I think I’ll finish soon and be able to work as before.

Thank you for staying with me and thank you for reading to the end. I hope I was able to answer all your questions.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and have an amazing day!💖

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